Through collaboration with Harvard's lead researcher Marcus
and sleep researchers, we have developed innovative nutritional supplements
and products that can naturally lead to sleep recovery.
Official Distributor for SmartSleep in Korea
EuroAsia Co., Ltd. has signed an official distributor contract
with Germany's SmartSleep headquarters in Korea, and it provides
safe ingredients through strict quality control in accordance
with the standards of the KFDA.
We provide products that have been recognized for their stability
and functionality by adjusting them to the daily nutritional value of Koreans.
Products of SmartSleep
We provide original, imune, beauty, and night elixir products and
You don't have any more inconveniences to purchase SmartSleep!
Because now you can find directly the SmartSleep in Korea
through SmartSleep's own mall.
Starting with that, we will distribute it also through
department stores and open markets.
Smart Original Chewable
SmartSleep Smart Original Chewable has a creatine as
a extra ingredient, so it's a combination of SmartSleep only.
It provides essential nutrients to our body It activates metabolic energy
to reduce fatigue It helps to feel refreshing morning,
so you can start your day energetically.

SmartSleep SmartImmune has a ideal combination that's optimized for immunity.
It protects the cells of body from oxidative stress and the immune system
and can contribute to normal function.

SmartSleep SmartBeauty has a own high-quality combination with collagen, hyaluronic acid and it Strengthens your skin, hair, and nails to stay healthy, shiny skin.

SmartBeauty Night Elixir
Smart Sleep Night Elixir provides
not only essential beauty nutrients, but also high-quality collagen,
hyaluronic acid, It's a premium vitamin with added Coenzyme Q10.